Toddler room:

Our toddler room caters for children aged 1-2 years.

In our bright and lively room the children enjoy a wide range of activities. Our daily programme involves a relaxed atmosphere and includes plenty of singing, dancing, story time, aerobics, arts and crafts, imaginative play as well as outdoor play. Our knowledgeable staff understand that there is no one like your child. With supervision and a warm heart we allow your child to imagine during play and use familiar objects and situations to process their daily experiences. At N Zone we understand that every child’s development is unique, and a wonder to witness. In this room a child learns about sharing, playing and interacting with other children. Oursoothing,soft hues make a delightful environment intertwined with comfortable colourful carpeting, pictures, and a broad variety of toys which are sure to spark your child’s imagination and bring twinkles to their eyes.

Baby room:

The baby room provides a homely, caring and stimulating environment for every baby. All baby room staff are qualified nursery nurses and work with each parent to ensure that your child’s day mirrors his/her own routine at home with sleep and feed times. Each day the baby room is set out with plenty of toys and every baby participates in a wide range of activities including floor play, music, art, and sensorial play. Weather permitting, the babies are taken outside to play or on a walk in our large 6 seater spider buggy. Our baby room stimulates your child’s physical health, mental health, emotional stability, social competency, and happiness.


Our Pre-school aim is to help children develop to their full potential at their own pace through a prepared child centred environment. Our aim is to facilitate the education of the younger child in preparation for school using the Montessori, Aistear, and Siolta methods while enjoying a fun filled and exciting programme. We provide love and understanding that develops a sense of security and trust which turns into confidence as they grow. The Pre-school class also participate in a sports programme with our fully qualified coaches. We intertwine the Aistear and Siolta methods which are designed for children from birth up to 6 years old. This curriculum establishes principles and goalsthat we work towards, promoting the proactive sharing of knowledge and information with respect and confidentiality. Working with this method we provide enriching, challenging, and enjoyable learning opportunities for your child.


Our playgroup caters for children from 2-3 years.

Children enjoy a fun atmosphere while learning to interact and play with others at their own pace. While enjoying a wide range of activities the children are learning through play. At this age, children are highly curious about the world around them and learn by the “trial and error method”. They love solving simple problems and will practice an activity many times to master it! The aim of the playgroup is to help each child develop as an individual, develop vocabulary, and to express themselves through play. Outdoor play is featured largely in our daily programme and children also have the use of our sport arena and indoor play area for physical activity.